Inspecting Your Motorcycle Might Just Save Your Life

During the last few weeks of winter, there have been some interesting weather patterns in southern California and other parts of the country. They’ve even brought unseasonably cold weather and snow to Los Angeles. This may have kept you from taking your motorcycle out for a joyride or from taking that cross-country trip that you’ve long been planning. If it has, then you’ll want to thoroughly inspect your bike before you ride it again.

Motorcycle batteries have a way of dying in cold weather. That’s why you’ll want to remove your battery and charge it at least an entire night before you decide to take it for a spin. If it’s over four-years-old, then you may want to consider replacing it. If it’s not, then check the fluid levels for each cell. Fill them with distilled water if they’re below the manufacturer’s recommended ones.

You should also check all other fluid levels on the bike while you’re at it. Engine oil keeps your bike running smoothly. If you fail to regularly change your oil or it runs out, you could cause permanent damage to the engine. Make sure that there’s enough brake fluid, as well, and that your break pads haven’t worn down to the metal.

Another thing that you’ll want to pay close attention to when inspecting your motorcycle is the chain or the belt. If you see that it has weak spots, then you should replace it right away as it can leave your motorcycle disabled on the side of the road.

Lubricating your clutch and brake cables, especially if they appear worn or frayed, help keep you out of serious danger. Replacing spark plugs or an air filter will ensure that your bike continues run smoothly. Checking to make sure that all of your lights work will give you a better chance of being seen.

One tip that they often teach motorcyclists in driver safety classes is to always inspect their bikes before taking a ride. They do this because a safe motorcycle is more apt to perform as expected. This may help you avoid injuries or keep you alive if you’re involved in one.

Remember: If an accident happens, an attorney can help you file an accident claim or a wrongful death claim against a negligent driver.