Motorcycle Safety for Children

Many parents may prefer to explore California on their motorcycles and they may wonder how they can bring their children along on these adventures. If parents want to ride with their kids, it is important for them to understand motorcycle safety for children.

People usually make sure they wear protective gear when they ride their motorcycle. According to the State of California, it is important for children to wear safety gear as well. Parents should generally get closed-toe shoes for the kids, as well as gloves to protect their children’s hands. Additionally, it is a good idea for kids to wear a heavy jacket and long pants. The proper gear can help protect a child during a collision. Some people may want to get a restraint system so their child is physically connected to them. This restraint would keep a child attached to the parent during a crash. Parents may also want to get passenger footrests for their bikes. Before they put their kids on the motorcycle, parents should typically make sure their children’s feet can rest on the footrest. If a child cannot reach the footrest, people may want to keep the child off the motorcycle until he or she is a little taller.

Many people may think their child will be safe as long as he or she wears a helmet. It's important for kids to have a child-sized helmet. This is because an adult helmet may come off in a collision. A helmet should usually meet all of the guidelines laid out by the Department of Transportation. It is a good idea for parents to get their child a helmet that has a face shield and a chin-bar, as these features can provide extra protection for a child.

Before kids ride on a motorcycle, it is important for parents to teach them safety skills. Children should know they cannot rest their feet on the wheels and that they should mount the bike from the left side. Additionally, parents should make sure their children know to use caution around the exhaust pipe. Some people might think their kids will be safer if they sit in front of them. However, it is safest for children to sit behind their parents. This is because people may have difficulty maneuvering their bikes with a person in front of them. It is also easier for kids to fall off when they sit in this position. For the first few rides, it may be best if parents stay in the neighborhood so their kids can get used to the motorcycle. Once the kids know the ropes, families can hit the open road.