How To Regain The Joy Of Riding Your Motorcycle After A Crash

Spring is a beautiful time for motorcycle riding in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. But you might be hesitant to get out and ride again after being injured in a motorcycle accident. While it is perfectly reasonable to have some trepidation after a crash, especially that first time you get back on your bike, it would be a shame to let fear prevent you from enjoying riding ever again. With that in mind, we’d like to provide you with some tips for not only getting back on your motorcycle but actively enjoying riding again.

Getting Back on the Horse

We researched what numerous motorcyclists have shared about how they regained their confidence and enjoyment of riding post-accident. The following is based on the most common advice given:

  1. Don’t wait too long. The longer you hesitate, the more fearful of taking that initial ride you are likely to become. Obviously, some of this is contingent upon how badly you were injured, how long it takes for you to fully recover and be cleared by your doctors to ride again, and how long it takes to have your motorcycle repaired or replaced.
  2. Review what caused the motorcycle crash. Whether your accident only involved you or another vehicle, sit down alone or with a trusted person, identify the cause(s), and assess whether you have learned either how to avoid another collision or if you might need some additional training. There is no shame in improving your riding skills if that will make you feel more secure on the road. Unfortunately, nothing can guarantee you will never be in another motorcycle accident since you can do everything right but still become the victim of a reckless or negligent driver. However, by honing your skills, you can reduce the risk.
  3. Start out slow. You don’t need to begin by traveling the Harbor Freeway after recovering from an accident. Take it slow and easy. Choose a familiar stretch of road or one that tends to be less clogged with traffic. Pick a day with clear skies and perhaps keep your first ride short. Even just an hour back on your motorcycle can help you remember why you started riding in the first place.
  4. Go with friends. Ride with one or more buddies that first time out. They can provide the support and camaraderie needed to regain your confidence and make your first ride more fun than frightening.

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