Disfiguring Injuries Can Cause Intense Emotional Pain

Some car accident injuries are invisible to the naked eye, but nevertheless cause permanent disability. Others are only skin deep, but affect the victim in dramatic, life-altering ways.

People who have no significant scars or disfigurements may think that those who sustained these types of injuries in a crash got off easy. And it is true that a disfigurement may not affect your memory or ability to walk as other injuries do.

But visible scars and disfiguring marks can affect your life profoundly. Adjusting to life after a disfiguring accident can be difficult. The emotional pain of people’s stares, or inability to look you in the face, can be terrible. Getting a job may be difficult, especially if your field requires a certain image or frequent interaction with strangers. Your personal life may be affected.

Beauty should be more than skin deep, but we all know that in Los Angeles, that is often not the case. Even if the victim is otherwise physically healthy after an accident, scars can have a deleterious effect on his or her life.

Fortunately, a personal injury attorney can help, at least with the financial impact. If the disfiguring injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, that person should have to compensate the victim for any resulting damages, such as medical bills and emotional distress.

Proving a case of emotional distress can be difficult in a personal injury claim. However, when the distress is tied to a physical injury, like a disfigurement, the process is often more straightforward.