PTSD the Injury You Can't See After a Bicycle Accident

When most people think about the injuries that a person can suffer after a bicycle accident, they oftentimes think about physical ones such as bruises, broken bones, head injuries and other physical traumas. These injuries are typically easy to address because doctors can see them and know how to treat them.

But what about the injuries you can’t see like pain and suffering? What if a person experiences constant nightmares that force them to relive the accident? What if they experience panic attacks every time they get near a vehicle while riding on a bicycle? These are typically the injuries we don’t see after a crash. But even though this is the case, it does not mean that they are any less deserving of compensation.

It’s not unlikely for someone to develop post-traumatic stress disorder after a bicycle accident. It’s even possible that the PTSD could negatively impact a person’s day-to-day lives as well. In one study conducted in Sweden, an estimated one in three children suffer from PTSD after a bicycle accident. Although statistics for adults could vary slightly, it’s wouldn’t be a stretch to say that adults may have just as likely of a chance to develop PTSD after a crash as a child would.

Because of the nature of PTSD, it can be difficult to prove that you need compensation for it unless you get verification from a doctor and medical statements that describe the impact the accident had on your mental state. Even with medical evidence supporting your claim, you may still need a lawyer to help you effectively present your case. Because of our experience, the professional law corporation of Scott J. Corwin can help you with your claim and get you closer to the compensation you need and deserve.

Source: Red Orbit, “After An Injury, Many Children Can Be Affected By PTSD,” April Flowers, May 28, 2014