Motorcycle Accidents and Open Car Doors

As a motorcyclist, you are well aware of the many risks associated with hitting the open road. For example, there will always be drivers who don’t want to share the road with you.

Here is another risk to consider: A driver could open his or her car door without first checking to see if somebody is coming. If this happens, a motorcyclist can crash into the door, thus suffering a serious injury.

Motorists are responsible for ensuring that it is safe to open their door into traffic. If for any reason they don’t do so, it is possible that a passing motorcyclist could strike the door.

You hope this never happens to you, but if it does you should contact authorities without delay. Along with this, if you have been injured, you should not attempt to do anything until an ambulance arrives. Trying to move from the scene may only make things worse.

Tip: If possible, collect contact information of any witnesses who saw the accident. This could work in your favor when it comes time to file a claim and to collect compensation.

The road is a dangerous place for motorcyclists. It can be a lot of fun to ride your bike, but only if others are acting in a responsible manner.

An open door motorcycle accident is serious. If you’ve been injured in such an accident, contact our law firm online or via phone.

We know that you are facing a challenging future, but we’re here to provide you with the assistance you need. It is our goal to protect your legal rights.