Documenting a Motorcycle Road Rash Injury

After a sustaining an injury in a motorcycle accident, your first priority should be your safety. As a motorcyclist, you are exposed to the elements and other drivers after a collision. If you can safely avoid vehicles after a crash, it is in your best interest to remove yourself from further harm.

At all times, your goal should be to prevent further injury. If you suspect a road rash, movement in the affected body parts may be extremely painful. If bystanders can help you block off traffic and assist you safely, you may reduce your odds of being involved in an additional collision after the accident.

Once you are safe, whether that is on or off the road, you need to determine if you need emergency medical attention. As random debris may be lodged in your skin, you may be susceptible to infection or scarring. To properly treat possible infections or remove rubble from your skin or muscle tissue below, hospital care may be required. If you are unsure, it is best to err on the side of caution than assume liability for an accident that somebody else caused.

If you or a bystander can take photos of the accident scene from a safe location, these photos can help corroborate your claim against the defendant’s insurance company. Documenting the injury, road conditions, damage to any vehicles involved and any important features that led to the occurrence of the accident is critical to cementing your story.

· Tire marks of both the motorcycle and the other vehicles involved in the collision can help tell the story and give your attorney better evidence to support your claim.

· While at the hospital, if you or a family member can document the extent of your bandages, you can use these photos and the medical records of your visit to further demonstrate the lengths to which the injury has affected you.

· Photos of the healing process and documentation of any limits to your mobility are vital to the strength of your claim.

· Road rash injuries may affect your mobility, self-esteem and potential earnings depending on your occupation.

· Strong counsel will advocate on your behalf for fair compensation for the road rash injury sustained. When looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for your case, hire an attorney you trust to win.