Questions to Ask Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney

These are the questions we ask every person who comes to us after a serious motorcycle accident:

1. Do you need further treatment for any injuries sustained? While we ask for your medical records following your motorcycle collision, we need to know if we can help you receive any additional care you need to get well again. Many times, symptoms of head injuries or soft tissue damage appear well after the shock of the accident has worn off. Our goal is to help you back on your feet by making the responsible party pay for your damages.

2. How have you been affected by the collision? Motorcycle accidents are traumatic events and anybody who has been seriously injured knows the stress and uncertainty they cause. If you have lost pay due to limited work time or job loss, we need to know. If you cannot go to work because you lack sufficient transportation, we need to know. We can only recover the losses we are able to identify, so your input is critical. If you have lost wages following the accident, bring in your pay stubs. If you have sustained a brain injury and your moods have swung wildly, we can help you find the care you need.

3. Do you have any other questions or concerns? First and foremost, we represent your interests. The more we know you, the better we can serve you and win you the settlement you deserve. If you have any questions about the process, we want you to have answers. Having represented over 2,500 injured victims allows us to answer any question you may ask.

If you decide to meet with us to discuss your legal options after a motorcycle accident, we will have a more complete list of questions to ask you. On our website, we even have a downloadable list of everything you need to bring to your initial client meeting.

In Part 2 of this series, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions people ask us in this initial meeting. While answers vary from person to person, we will take the time to make you’re your questions are addressed.