What Body Part is Most Likely to Get Hurt in a Motorcycle Crash?

Just a few years ago, the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) analyzed the hospital records of at least 1.2 million who’d suffered injuries in motorcycle crashes. In at least 30 percent of all cases, motorcyclists suffered injuries to either their feet or legs. In another 22 percent the cases reviewed, the motorcyclists suffered either neck or head trauma.

Back, shoulder and chest, or upper trunk injuries, comprised the third most likely area on a motorcyclist’s body to get hurt in a crash. Injuries to a motorcyclist’s hands or arms were the fourth most likely to result from a motorcycle accident. The injuries fifth most likely to occur included lower trunk ones, or those to the motorcyclist’s pelvis or hips.

A Maryland study, conducted around the same time, captures how severe these injuries tend to be. Of all motorcyclists, those who were helmeted at the time of the crash appeared to suffer more injuries than their nonhelmeted counterparts, although, they were less minor in nature. Overall, the incidence rate of severe injuries among helmeted motorcyclists tended to be significantly less than they were for nonhelmeted ones.

When motorcyclists did break bones within the lower portion of their bodies, they were nearly two times more likely to break their tibia and fibula together than any other bones. As for the upper part of the body, the bones most likely to be broken were the ones in the wrist like the ulna and radius. Each of those was followed by the humerus and then the clavicle.

As for why the tibia is at increased risk of being broken in a motorcycle crash, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests it has to do with the exposure of that bone when a motorcyclists is riding. They suggest that additional research into protecting a biker’s legs, such as through leg guards, is warranted.

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