Summer Roadtrip Check Out These Driving Travel Tips

If you or your family plans on taking a road trip this summer, you may want to check our list to see if you are prepared for the roads ahead. While the list below is certainly not a complete list of everything you will need, it fits the barebones requirement of just about any extended excursion.

1. First Aid Kit. It your responsibility to make sure your first aid kit reflects the environment you will be travelling through. Emergency blankets, bandages, anti-infection ointments, gauze pads, even instant ready hot or cold packs might be useful. Additionally, having the equipment and not knowing how to use it properly renders it useless. Inspect your first aid kits and keep them up to date and ready for use. Some people combine their emergency kits with their first aid kits to include food rations, water and iodine tablets to purify ground water, flashlights and road flares, and additional cold weather clothing.

2. A spare tire and jack may come in use if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere if a deflated tire. Depending on where are you are travelling, road side assistance may not be available to bail you out or it may take some time. This is especially true in the case of a natural disaster. Be prepared and take the time to inspect your vehicle before your travels.

3. Actual paper cash and paper maps are often forgotten about in this day and age of cellular maps and online money transfers. Many businesses are cash only and missing out on an experience on your vacation due to poor cash planning would be silly. Depending on the nature of your adventure, a dry bag for any maps, cash, or electronics may be useful as well.

4. A tool kit. If one of your gadgets has a part break or screw loosen, having a multi-tool or portable tool kit at your disposal may make you the handy-person of the trip. Remember, knowing how to use your tools properly is the only way to actually make use of it.

5. Lastly, any medication you may need. For those travelling to pollen heavy areas, decongestants may be essential while those of us on sunny hikes may need sunblock to prevent burning up. Regardless of your trips, anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling can make an activity-filled vacation that much more enjoyable.