Personal Protective Gear Can Minimize Motorcycle Crash Injuries

One of the perks of riding a motorcycle versus driving a car is being able to experience the open air all around you. One of the drawbacks, though, is that by not having the protection of the steel frame and windows around you, it exposes you to a variety of environmental factors.

Some safety considerations that motorcyclists have to figure in when hitting the open road include how to protect themselves during extreme temperatures, weather and flying debris.

Also, bikers have to worry about other motorists striking them and then falling off their bikes. If they’re not wearing protective clothing when they do, then they’ll likely experience some significant road rash.

Protective clothing was developed in large part to minimize motorcyclists’ risk of injury if they did become involved in a crash. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends for all motorcyclists to always wear helmets to protect themselves from suffering head injuries. They note that contrary to popular belief, wearing a helmet doesn’t have any impact on a motorcyclist’s hearing or vision.

If you don’t wear a helmet or you wear one that only protects the top of your head, then they also recommend either using a face protector or shield as well as goggles. Combined, these will protect both your face and eyes from being struck by debris. They can help you maintain clear eyesight and better adjust to day and nighttime changes in lighting as well.

By wearing riding boots, you’ll be able to avoid such issues as burns caused by exhaust pipes and, if someone crashes into you, potential ankle or foot injuries. Along that same token, wearing gloves will help you avoid suffering cuts, blisters and damage from both the wind and sun.

When appropriate, you should try to wear a jacket and pants to ride. If possible, you should put on a riding suit. One of the great benefits of the latter is that it’s often constructed from abrasion-proof fabric, something that will greatly benefit you if you’re in a crash. They often have reflective panels sewn into them to increase visibility of you and your bike as well.

If you’ve suffered serious injuries after being struck on your motorcycle in California, then a Los Angeles attorney can advise you of your right to file an injury lawsuit in your case.