Reconsider Tapping Your Helmet to Warn Fellow Bikers of Cops

When you drive the streets here in Los Angeles, you probably see many motorcyclists along your path. Bikers tend to treat each other as if they belong to some type of brotherhood. They often tap their helmets to signal to each other that they’re coming up on a police officer, so they’ll know not to drive less recklessly. Some bikers have recently decided to stop giving others courtesy warnings though.

Data published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that more than 5,100 motorcyclists died in the U.S. in 2017. Those same statistics reveal that motorcyclists have 28 times the chance of becoming involved in a fatal crash than those riding in passenger cars.

Statistics published by the Governors Highway Safety Association shows that the highest number of registered motorcycles is here in California. It’s also where there’s the highest motorbike-involved fatality rate. At least 33% of those fatal crashes are caused by speeding.

Many motorcyclists who take to the road and speed do so because they enjoy how it feels like they’re flying when they do so. Many motorcycles are capable of reaching high speeds quickly.

Riders who lack well-honed skills can’t react as fast as they need to if they encounter any road hazards. This is often why they end up striking an inanimate object or another car and losing their lives.

Many bikers have been deterred from speeding after having some close-call crashes. Others are turned off from speeding after having received costly tickets.

Then there are others that still don’t care. This is why many motorcyclists have discontinued the practice of tapping their helmet to warn their fellow bikers that they’re fast approaching a police officer. It’s not that they want to see them get stopped for speeding. It’s more about them not wanting to see them get seriously hurt or killed in a motorcycle crash.

Motorcyclists themselves aren’t always to blame for their own crashes. There are many negligent motorists out there who drive recklessly or take to the road while drunk, drugged, distracted or drowsy. They take countless motorcyclists’ lives each year too.

If you’ve lost a loved one to a senseless crash such as this, then you should consult with an attorney. They can advise you of your right to file a wrongful death claim against the negligent driver who caused their untimely death.