Most Frequently Ignored Traffic Laws

police officer writing ticket for woman who was pulled over

When we are first getting our driver’s license, we are so careful and cognizant of driving laws. Perhaps this is because our parents teach us to be like so or because it is a privilege to drive. However, over the years, this carefulness and respect for driving laws definitely becomes less and less stringent. Sadly, today, most drivers ignore driving laws on a daily basis. Thus, let’s revisit some important driving laws that people tend to overlook on a day to day basis!

  1. Driving the Speed Limit. Seems simple, yet everyone is guilty of speeding over the legal limit. Speed limits are put in place for a reason. For that given area, whether it be a freeway or residential area, experts have designated specific speeds for those roads and it’s important that we abide by that speed. I often year people say you can exceed the speed limit by no greater than ten miles per hour. This is untrue. Regardless of how far over the speed limit you go, you are driving illegally.
  2. Wearing your seat belt. Wearing your seatbelt is the law. Despite those annoying sounds that most cars made today make when the seatbelt is unfastened, people still drive without a seatbelts. Again, there is a reason this is the law, it is because driving without a seatbelt is dangerous! So dangerous that we have made it illegal. Therefore, buckle up or prepared to be cited for an infraction.
  3. Distracted driving. In today’s age, everyone is distracted by something. Their cell phone, the newest podcast, their high tech cars, etc. Distracted driving is illegal and something to be very cognizant of in light of the countless distractions in today’s world so please drive carefully!
  4. Stopping At Stop Signs. It may be temping to blow through a stop sign in areas where there are no cars or anyone around but it is a bad habit and it is unsafe. Please stop at the stop signs and stop for an appropriate time. I find it helpful to slowly say, S-T-O-P, slowly!

In reality, there are numerous laws that drivers seem to forget and disregard over the years. In some cases, drivers don’t even know about these laws. But let me remind you, ignorance is not bliss. It is your job to be mindful, educated and aware of traffic laws. These laws are not in place to annoy you or get you in trouble, but to avoid accidents and injuries which can so easily result with the use of motor vehicles.