When Should You Not Ride Your Motorcycle?

The thrill of riding is often why many motorcycle riders choose to become riders in the first place. However, motorcycle riding presents some added risks of an automobile crash, and in some circumstances a bike rider might face even greater odds of suffering a crash and injury. So it may help to consider situations that could make it too risky to ride your bike. 

According to Clement Riding, riders should consider their physical and mental situations before riding. Bikers that are too tired could lose focus on the road or might even fall asleep. Riders who are sick, recovering from an injury, or are under potent medication should consider staying off the bike. Likewise, motorcyclists in an angry or frustrated mood might drive erratically or unfocused and should wait until their mood improves. 

Bad weather can also present dangerous hazards. While many bikers can navigate rainfall without much trouble, high winds and downpours can present real problems, perhaps making it impossible to maintain balance on the road and causing a motorcyclist to fall over or collide with another vehicle. If bad weather registers on your forecast, waiting until the weather lets up may save you from a potentially serious or even fatal crash on the road. 

Some bike riders do not handle extreme temperatures well. Motorcyclists who ride in cold weather may experience hypothermia if they do not dress warmly. Some bike riders cannot handle hot weather, particularly when winds blow heat onto the skin of the rider. Riders should understand their temperature tolerances and plan their rides accordingly, or refrain from riding until conditions improve. 

Motorcyclists still get into wrecks for reasons that are not their fault. Still, as a rider, you understand the need to do all you can to make sure your chances of coming home from a motorcycle ride without injury are the best they can be.