Should You Be Worried About Road Rash?

The weather in California is often nice and sunny, making this state great for motorcyclists. Plenty of bikers enjoy taking to the road on bright, warm days. Unfortunately, this means the amount of crashes also rises. Most motorcyclists have heard of road rash before, even if they have yet to experience it. But do they realize how serious it can be?

Very Well Health examines the varying severity of road rash cases. They are mild, moderate or severe. The mildest cases are easy to deal with. You can even treat them at home in some instances. You may need to have an initial appointment with a doctor so they can remove the debris. After that, it is often a matter of keeping the wound clean and disinfected.

If you suffer from moderate or severe road rash, you will need medical intervention. In some cases, you may even need emergency care or surgery. Road burn can cover large areas of the body. It can result in nerve damage that leaves the victim numb or in excruciating pain. The lacerations can reach the bone in extreme cases. This opens a victim up to infection that sets in quick. Within hours, victims can suffer from infection resulting in inflammation and irritation. They can even suffer from blood infections which result in sepsis or gangrene.

Quick action helps stave off the worst of these infections. It also helps cut down on the chances of skin loss causing scarring or disfigurement to the victim. But regardless of treatment, the damage is often difficult to bear.