How Can You Get Over the Fear of Riding After an Accident?

Getting into a motorcycle accident in California may numb your desire to get back on your bike again. Even if you recognize that your chances of being in subsequent accidents are rather slim, the uncertainty can sometimes be too much to bear.

You deserve to feel confident and enthusiastic about getting back on your bike. Having the knowledge about how to mitigate your fears and regain your desire to ride may enable you to find joy in riding again despite your accident.

Practicing patience and flexibility

It will undoubtedly take time for you to come to terms with what happened to you and to process the emotions that accompany your accident and the resulting injuries. According to Ride Apart, only you can dictate when you feel comfortable getting back onto your bike. It may take a few weeks or even months before you work up the courage to venture out again.

Once you feel comfortable getting back onto your bike, understand that it is not unusual for you to modify your riding style or feel apprehensive about revisiting the crash site. Redeveloping your confidence will take time. Consistent effort to strengthen your riding skills may help you feel more prepared to ride again. You may consider participating in a skills course to refresh your memory of best practices for riding, as well as to receive insight into how to navigate common road hazards.

Riding without pressure

You may consider practicing riding your bike in areas that are less busy to reduce the pressure and nerves you feel around traffic. If you feel better about having someone with you, ask a trusted family member or friend to accompany you on your first ride after the accident. If serious anxiety and fear prevent you from finding the desire to ride again, professional therapy may provide relief as you learn effective ways to cope with the emotions caused by your accident. Over time, you may learn how to recognize triggers and manage your reactions to be able to enjoy riding again without the fear of crashing.