Quick Tips for Personal Injury Claimants

Sadly, it takes just a minute to get into a roadway accident and an even faster minute to ruin a potential claim. Many victims of auto accidents accidentally destroy their personal injury claims with something they say or do following an auto accident. Following an accident, our minds and hearts are racing and we are not properly thinking. However, it’s during these crucial moments and days in which we exchange words with the other driver or their insurance company. Thus, it’s important to be aware and knowledgeable on the way in which to conduct yourself following an auto accident. Some tips are firm recommends:

  1. Call the Police! It can be tempting to acquiesce to the other driver’s request not to call the police. However, calling the police and requesting a police report is crucial, especially if you are not at fault for this accident. Sadly, due to the overwhelming number of accidents these days, the police will not always make it, however, if you are injured, you definitely want to make a point to get the police to the scene so they can get statements and evidence, if any.
  2. Make sure you take pictures of the car damage and exchange information with the other parties. In today’s world, with most people having smart phones, it’s important to document as much as you can at the scene so later people cannot change their words or allege other damage to their car. Take pictures of the other parties’ license plate, driver’s license, ID, Insurance information, etc. Rather be safe than sorry;
  3. Seek medical attention if necessary. If you feel the slightest pain, you should be sure your injuries are not worse with a professional. Oftentimes following an accident, our adrenaline is running and we are not as sensitive to injuries sustained. Therefore, if you feel pain, you should get examined by a professional to be sure there is nothing worse;
  4. Do not Give a Recorded Statement to Insurance Company right away. In the hours and days after an accident, our adrenaline is still running and we do not have proper time to process an accident. Jot down your thoughts while your memory is fresh but do not feel obligated to speak with an insurance company right away. In fact, if you plan on hiring a lawyer, it may be best to wait to do so before speaking with insurance company.
  5. Take the time to get better! If you were hurt in an accident, make sure you take care of yourself and see the doctor as recommended. This is your one chance to better yourself and symptoms so take your time and make sure you are better before accepting a settlement offer.

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