The SEE Strategy: Search, Evaluate and Execute

California motorcyclists face driving hazards that are unique to bikes. We represent motorcycle riders who have suffered injuries on the road.

The state’s Department of Motor Vehicles promotes safe motorcycle operation by advocating a “SEE” strategy: search, evaluate and execute.

Search: riders must search for hazards

DMV recommends that when you are on your bike, you should actively search all around because awareness of your surroundings may help prevent accidents. You should look at traffic approaching from all directions. Road conditions may also pose threats to motorcycles, and you can minimize risks if you scan your surroundings to proactively identify dangers. DMV suggests “escape routes” to avoid risks that may appear around areas like intersections, construction zones and shopping centers.

Evaluate: riders must evaluate hazards

You can drive defensively by anticipating risks and planning a strategy to stay safe. This may include evaluating the speed and direction of traffic and other moving hazards. You can then judge the distance available to take evasive action. Traffic signals and warning signs may alert you to an impending hazard. Even the relative location of stationary objects like potholes, bridges, trees and guardrails may inform your driving strategy.

Execute: riders apply search and evaluate to execute their safety plan

If you have searched for and evaluated potential hazards, you can be ready to execute your safety plan. You may find it useful to break your plan into small steps that allow you to process the consequences of your actions. Your lights and horn may communicate to others on the road the action you are about to take.

Motorcycle accidents often result from the actions or inactions of other drivers. For more information about the causes of motorcycle accidents, you may visit our website.