Three Tips for Riding Safely in Hot Weather

This time of year, the weather in Los Angeles is heating up, and it will not be too long before we start seeing temperatures in the 80s, 90s or even 100s. These temperatures can be dangerous for anyone, including motorcyclists. The following are some tips for riding safely in the summer heat.

The time of day you ride is important

One way for motorcyclists to stay safe when the weather is hot is to try to ride during the cooler times of the day and avoid riding during the hottest time of the day. Generally, this means avoiding riding from noon to 3:00 p.m. Riding in the morning or late afternoon also means that it is likely that there will be less traffic on the road, which can also keep motorcyclists safer. Keep in mind, however, that riding during dusk presents its own dangers, especially in rural areas where large animals such as deer may cross your path.

Wear the right clothing

When the weather is hot, it may be tempting to ride wearing a t-shirt and shorts. However, motorcyclists should still wear appropriate protective clothing designed for the heat. You may be surprised to hear that sweat on exposed skin evaporates quickly while riding, leading to dehydration. Instead, motorcyclist should wear helmets with vents, light colored textile jackets, vented textile pants, warm weather riding gloves, moisture-wicking socks, and light weight boots.

Stay hydrated

Any one can quickly become dehydrated in hot weather, including motorcyclists. Motorcyclists should keep water or an electrolyte beverage with them, to help replace the loss of fluid from sweating. In addition, if possible, riders should up their consumption of watery foods such as grapes and melons in the days leading up to the ride. A good rule of thumb is to drink at a rate appropriate to your body weight. For example, a 150-pound rider should drink 20 ounces of water or electrolyte drink every hour. Keep in mind that caffeinated drinks and alcohol are dehydrating and motorcyclists should avoid these beverages while riding.

Motorcycle safety is important

These three tips can help motorcyclists avoid heat exhaustion while riding, but it is important to note that motorcycle accidents can occur even in the summer heat. Our firm’s webpage on motorcycle accidents may be of interest to those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident.