How California Motorcyclists Can Ride Safely in the Rain

California motorcycle riders should be well aware of how to stay safe in rainy conditions.

No matter if you are new to riding a motorcycle or if you have been riding in California for years, there is always something new to learn. While riding, motorcyclists might encounter wet road conditions. Rather than pull over to wait out the storm, which could take a while, there are a number of useful tips to put to good use to make it home safe while avoiding a disaster.

Wear the right gear

If there is even a possibility of rain, motorcyclists should be sure they are prepared with the right riding gear. Specifically, it is best to wear a rain suit and waterproof boots, gloves and a vest to keep as much of the rainwater off as possible. In regards to the helmet, it should have a breath guard as well as an anti-fog visor to ride with full visibility. The motorcycle’s shield should be clear as well. Wearing a few extra layers might be necessary during the colder months of the year.

Use caution while braking

When stopping a motorcycle in the rain, it is best to take it easy on the front brake. Smooth braking is essential to remaining upright and being able to react quickly if need be.

Make adjustments to riding style

Motorcyclists should change the way they ride when roads are wet. This means ironing out throttle changes and making those changes gradually. Riders should also lean a bit less than normal and brake early, the same as they would if they were behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Pay close attention to tires

Tire condition is critical to overall safety for all manner of vehicles when streets are wet. Motorcycle tires should be properly inflated and free of defects to keep riders as safe as possible. Riders should keep an eye out for puddles on the road ahead to avoid hydroplaning. Because puddles are sometimes hard to spot, it is best to stick with familiar roads where riders have a better idea of where puddles might appear.

Ride on dry pavement when possible

It is better to ride on the dryest part of the road, which offers tires more traction and riders better peace of mind. Here is where it pays to know the road, as riders will have a better idea of where water will likely gather.

While motorcycle riders can put these tips to good use to stay as safe as possible on wet California roads, there is no guarantee motorists will take similar precautions. Riders involved in accidents will do well to take their case to a lawyer to explore their options and recover the compensation they are rightfully owed.