Watch Out For Spring Break Tourists Hitting California Roads

Watch Out For Spring Break Tourists Hitting California Roads

Spring is here. Along with pleasantries like warmer weather, budding trees, and longer days, this time of year brings out the spring break tourists—many of whom are young adults looking to party while off from school. While there is nothing wrong with blowing off steam during a vacation, the antics of the less responsible could put you and your family at higher risk of a car accident. With that in mind, let’s address what to watch out for during spring break season in Los Angeles and throughout California.

Beware More Drunk Drivers

Far too many spring breakers don’t take the necessary precautions of assigning a designated driver or limiting their alcohol intake while at California bars and clubs or private parties. Sadly, many will pile into a vehicle with an intoxicated driver, unconcerned for their safety or that of others. This may lead to an accident that injures or kills those in the vehicle. It also puts everyone else sharing the road with these drunk drivers in jeopardy.

Drugged Driving is as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Let’s be honest. Many young people from other states are drawn to California for vacations because recreational marijuana is legal and available for retail purchase. While the age limit is 21, that does not guarantee underage kids won’t include a 21-year-old in their group to purchase for them or that they won’t simply buy pot illegally.

Regardless of age, driving under the influence of marijuana is just as illegal and dangerous as driving while drunk. Far too many people don’t realize how much pot can slow their reflexes or alter their perception even when they think they aren’t particularly high.

The warning signs of a stoned driver are virtually identical to those for a drunk driver. These are as follows:

  • Weaving into other lanes
  • Driving excessively fast or too slowly
  • Erratic accelerations/deceleration
  • Tailgating
  • Hitting (or coming close to striking) signs, curbs, median barriers, and other objects
  • Taking turns unsafely

Contact Automobile Accident Attorney Scott J. Corwin

It is always important to look for indications that another driver is operating their vehicle under the influence, but even more so during spring break. If you wind up in an auto accident with a reckless or careless spring break tourist, hold them accountable with the help of Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation.

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