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Traumatic Brain Injuries: What We Know Currently

What We Know Currently

Sustaining a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a life-altering event. It is commonly the result of an impact to the head that causes the brain to collide against the inside of your skull and may lead you to experience one or more of the following:

  • Memory loss, including an inability to form new memories
  • Changes to your personality, behavior, intellectual capabilities, and emotional responses
  • Inability to live and function without the assistance of family or full-time home health aide
  • Early onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or Parkinson’s disease

In this post, we will share some of the latest information and statistics on TBIs. Read on to learn why so many car accident victims suffer long-term or permanent losses due to head injuries caused by the crash.

TBIs and Related Data on Serious Head Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regularly conducts research into conditions like traumatic brain injuries and provides updated statistics. Our law firm stays on top of this information so that we can better assist automobile accident victims who suffer TBIs recover the maximum compensation. We know they will need financial support to afford their new level of required care, cover lost income, and live as comfortably as possible.

The most current data available was released in 2019 and 2020:

  • Approximately 223,135 people were hospitalized due to traumatic brain injury
  • In 2020, more than 64,000 people were lost to TBI-related injuries
  • Older individuals (75 years or more) suffered the highest rates of TBI hospitalizations (32 percent) and deaths (28 percent)
  • Children (newborn-17 years old) experienced more than 16,000 hospitalizations because of TBIs. More than 2,700 died from TBI-related injuries
  • Men were twice as likely as women to require hospitalization due to TBI and three times as likely to die from their injury

With millions of people across the United States suffering TBIs due to accidents, including automobile collisions, it is important to recognize the long-term or permanent consequences. All drivers need to take their responsibility behind the wheel seriously and protect themselves, their passengers, and others from experiencing this debilitating condition.

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Those involved in car crashes who suffer TBIs too often find themselves reliant on family and paid caregivers to conduct even the most basic activities of daily life. Compounding the victim’s pain and suffering is that of their family, who now must shoulder a heavy financial and emotional burden. The losses due to an inability to work, care for oneself, medical bills, and more should be covered by the person responsible for their accident. After an auto accident that injures you or someone in your family, attorney Scott J. Corwin can help by seeking the full compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

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