Larger Vehicles are Causing Deadlier Accidents

Ever since Jeeps were presented to the public as more than the battlefield conveyances they were built to be, Americans have fallen more in love with owning larger vehicles. From SUVs to flatbeds to Hummers, a significant percentage of drivers have also been convinced that, when it comes to what we drive, bigger is safer.

Unfortunately, the opposite is often true. While driving a veritable tank might provide an illusion of safety, the reality is that these ultra-heavy vehicles pose a greater risk to everyone in and around them. Here are the top reasons why.

Longer Braking Time

SUVs, pick-ups, and similar “light” trucks (as they are officially categorized) are extremely heavy, some weighing in at approximately 10 tons. Because of this, it takes a longer time from when a driver applies their brakes until these vehicles slow down. Their heaviness also makes stopping abruptly to avoid an unexpected obstacle, like a deer springing across the road or a child darting out from between parked vehicles, virtually impossible.

Increased Force Upon Impact

An additional danger of these extremely heavy vehicles is the added force exerted should they collide with another car—or worse, a motorcyclist, bicycle rider, or pedestrian. In a collision between, for example, a Chevy Silverado and a Kia sedan, there is no doubt which automobile’s driver and passengers would be likelier to suffer severe injuries or lose their lives. A person struck while riding an open bike or walking is even unlikelier to survive.

Higher Rollover Risk

The risk of a rollover accident increases with the height of a vehicle. Many light trucks are built with high centers of gravity, which makes them likelier to topple over if they skid, experience a blown-out tire, or a crash into another vehicle. Rollover accidents put drivers and passengers in more danger of breaking bones, suffering traumatic brain injuries, and worse than a collision alone.

Multiple Blind Spots

Taller vehicles also have more blind spots, and have been associated with a greater likelihood of pedestrian fatalities. Drivers of light trucks and SUVs can easily miss spotting a pedestrian in front of or behind them (particularly children) because of their seats being set so far up and vision being blocked by the solid frames around their windows.

Greater Pressure on Tires

Increased vehicle weight puts more pressure on tires, which in turn raises the risk of a blowout. Losing a tire so suddenly while driving, particularly when traveling at highway speeds, can cause a light truck driver to lose of control and careen into another vehicle or stationary object, or roll down an embankment.

Contact a Car and Truck Accident Lawyer

There is little doubt that as larger SUVs, pickups, and other vehicles classified as light trucks continue being produced, more people will suffer catastrophic injuries when a crash involving one occurs. If you or a loved one is the victim of a driver who loses control of their multi-ton vehicle, Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, can help you hold the responsible parties accountable.

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