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Los Angeles Traffic Safety Tips To Reduce Your Risk Of An Accident

Los Angeles presents a challenge to many drivers. From our crowded, busy freeways to hectic local roads, drivers must constantly remain alert to avoid becoming another yet another statistic. In the first three months of 2024 alone, 77 people lost their lives in a Los Angeles car accident.

While no amount of advice or guidance can guarantee your safety, we hope that by following the tips provided in this post, you avoid being injured in a crash.

Pay Attention

Arguably the primary, yet most avoidable, cause of traffic injuries and fatalities is distracted driving. Even a monetary loss of focus while checking a text, fiddling with GPS, eating, or changing radio stations is all it takes to endanger yourself and others.

  • Avoid distractions by turning off audible text or phone call alerts while in the car
  • If you’re hungry, pause at a rest stop for a quick bite
  • Use handsfree controls (if available) to correct GPS coordinates or switch your music or pull over to adjust

Otherwise, keep your eyes and your focus on the road.

Don’t Speed

Speed limits are put in place based on expert evaluations of different roads for good reasons. A stretch of multilane highway through an open landscape reasonably allows for higher speed limits than, say, a narrow road through a heavy residential area. Smart drivers should stay within or as close to these limits as traffic allows. However, beyond posted speed limits, you need to exercise common sense. Even if the posted speed limit is 65 MPH, you need to evaluate whether traffic and weather conditions support traveling at that speed. Driving 65 or 70 MPH in a torrential rainstorm with limited visibility is a bad idea regardless of the legal limit

Drive Sober

If you’ve been drinking, smoking or ingesting marijuana, or indulging in other intoxicants, find an alternative to driving. Better yet, plan ahead and make sure you have either a designated sober driver, rideshare app, or taxi number on your phone and leave your car at home. Far too many Los Angelenos still think that if they are just a “little buzzed,” they are safe to drive. Which is one of the reasons why, despite years of information and education on the dangers of driving under the influence, innocents continue to suffer injuries or lose their lives because of intoxicated drivers.

When It’s Time To Contact A Car Accident Attorney

Following the law and using common sense sadly isn’t always enough to avoid being involved in an automobile accident, because not all other drivers are as sensible or careful as you. If you find yourself injured in a car crash, please call Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, for assistance on what to do next.

Contact our office today by calling (310) 683-2300 or filling out the online contact form to discuss the details of your case and learn more about how we can help you. We offer free consultations, so there’s no reason not to reach out to someone from our team right away.