Risks Posed by Untreated Internal Injuries After a Car Accident

Car accidents are traumatic events for numerous reasons. Wherever you were headed when the accident happened, whatever you’d hoped to accomplish or enjoy when you arrived, you are instead forced to deal with this trauma. In the immediate aftermath, you might think you’re all right physically, and so when the paramedics arrive to check you out, your instinct could be to wave them away or refuse advice to go to an emergency room.

We can understand why you just want to go home and start putting this crash nightmare behind you. But in this post, we will explain why this is a mistake that could cost you dearly.

Internal Injuries Are Dangerously Subtle

If you break a leg, smash your nose on the steering wheel, or were cut by broken glass in an auto accident, you’ll know it right away. Less obvious injuries like those to your internal organs are much harder to detect. Their signs often go unnoticed, especially if you are in shock. Both mental and physical shock suppresses pain, which is why most accident victims don’t realize the full extent of their injuries or experience their worst pain until days after that shock wears off.

Additionally, internal organs have far fewer nerve endings, which means you may be unaware that your spleen, liver, or other vital organ is rupturing post-crash. Your few symptoms might be hard to pinpoint, such as a generalized dull pain or pressure in your stomach, pelvis, or chest. It is often easy to dismiss such discomfort as minor bruising from being thrown around in the accident when you actually have serious organ damage. Individuals simply cannot safely and accurately self-diagnose internal injuries, and delaying an accurate diagnosis could endanger your life.

Internal bleeding also poses significant risk. If you are bleeding visibly, it is obvious that you need medical treatment. However, it is entirely possible to walk away from a car accident with internal bleeding and not realize it before it becomes life-threatening. Automobile accidents involve blunt force trauma, which is when you are struck by something hard and usually at a high speed. This can cause tears in blood vessels of varying size. Smaller bleeds in your brain or other parts of your body might go unnoticed for days or even longer, but eventually symptoms will become obvious. Depending on the location of the bleed, these may include:

  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Patches of skin turning dark purple
  • Pain and tightness around the affected area
  • Vertigo and headaches
  • Seizures and loss of consciousness

The sooner internal bleeding is identified and treated, the likelier it is you will recover. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, which is why we very strongly encourage you to get evaluated by EMTs at the scene of your accident. Follow their directions to go right to an emergency room or see your personal care physician the next day. Though you might be concerned about medical bills for being transported by ambulance or examined in an ER—especially if you have little or no medical insurance—remember that your life should be your priority.

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