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What You Should Always Have In Your Car In Case of Emergencies

Emergencies are situations you neither expect nor desire. Unfortunately, even if you are an excellent and careful driver, you are still likely to encounter an emergency eventually. Whether it is an automobile accident caused by another driver, roadway hazard, or unexpectedly severe weather condition, the best you can do is whatever it takes to minimize the threat posed to your health and safety.

Toward that end, we will provide suggestions in this blog on how you can prepare for emergencies by stocking your car with supplies that might just save your life. Read on to learn what you should always have on hand before hitting the road.

Emergency Kit For California Drivers

The following items will be vital to have should you find yourself stranded due to a car accident, flat tire, or other vehicle breakdown:

  • Road flares or reflectors, to alert other drivers that your vehicle is stuck, especially if it is dark or stormy out
  • Jumper cables, so that hopefully another driver can stop and get your dead battery functioning
  • Sand or cat litter to scatter over a muddy or icy patch to provide traction
  • Charger for your cell phone, so you can call for help
  • Blankets, in case you are trapped in your car without a working heater
  • Map of the Los Angeles area or whatever region of California in which you might be driving. If your phone’s GPS won’t work and you find yourself with no choice but to leave your vehicle to seek help, you might need an old-fashioned paper map to guide you
  • Spare tire that you make sure to check is properly inflated at least every six months
  • Tire jack and lug nut wrench (make sure you know how to use them to change your own tires)
  • Flashlight and spare batteries, so you can change that tire or walk to safety at night
  • Bottled water and energy bars. Make sure to refresh these every four-six months
  • ​First aid kit, which will be very valuable if you are injured in any way
  • Portable tool kit that includes a small hammer, seat belt ripper, and other useful items for freeing yourself from a hazardous situation (e.g., a crash into a ravine or water)
  • Portable fire extinguisher, appropriately rated for car fires, and checked regularly to ensure it will work when you need it
  • Ice scraper/windshield brush, in case your wipers or windshield washer fluid fail

Additionally, keep the emergency number for the California Highway Patrol pre-programmed into your cellphone: 1-800-TELL-CHP (1-800-835-5247). You should also visit their website for more tips and advice for roadway emergencies.

After An Automobile Accident, Contact Us For Assistance

Many emergencies are avoidable if only other drivers would take the proper care to obey traffic laws and respect their fellow drivers. However, if a careless, reckless, or negligent driver causes a car crash, attorney Scott J. Corwin can help by seeking the full compensation you are due under the law.

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