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The Link Between Car Accidents And Rain In Los Angeles

As the old song lyric goes, “It never rains in California, but… it pours, man, it pours.” While it’s true that Los Angeles and its environs are usually blessed with beautiful weather, it is also subjected to significant rainstorms from time to time. For drivers in our area, these increase the likelihood of single or multi-car crashes.

Our law firm has examined the correlation of rainy weather to automobile accident frequency. With that in mind, here is what you need to know about the threat rain presents to Los Angeles drivers.

Rain Increases The Potential For An Auto Accident

According to reported data, area drivers are 80 percent likelier to experience a crash in the rain versus in clear weather. Other research reveals the contributing factors to accidents that are caused or exacerbated by rainy conditions:

  • Slick roadways, either from poor drainage or mudslides
  • Limited visibility in downpours or due to failing windshield wipers
  • Debris on roadways (e.g., fallen tree branches)
  • Potholes filled with water

While these and other byproducts of rainstorms make driving more hazardous, it is often the failure of drivers to adjust their behavior in rainy conditions that results in accidents. Far too many travelers along LA highways and freeways don’t go slower in the rain, especially when traveling outside of rush hours when heavier traffic forces slowdowns. Regardless of volume, drivers need to exercise common sense and slow down precisely because of the challenges posed by rain. By traveling at the speed limit—or faster—without consideration of rain’s effects, LA drivers put themselves in danger of hydroplaning and limit their ability to react to and avoid unexpected hazards. Drivers must also consider that it takes longer to brake successfully on wet surfaces, which makes speeding or tailgating someone driving slower due to weather conditions likelier than usual.

Proactive Steps For Avoiding Crashes In Rain

When it comes to avoiding an accident due in any part to rain, preparedness is key. Make sure your windshield wipers are in excellent working order. Look for signs of fraying along the blades. Test wipers by using your windshield washer mechanism to see whether they clear the cleaner thoroughly with one or two swipes. If not, get your blades replaced immediately.

You want to be sure you are as visible to other drivers as possible in rainy, darker conditions by maintaining your lights—head, tail, brake, and turn signals. Remember, it is the law in California that both your headlights remain on when your wipers are in continued use due to the rain or similar wet weather conditions.

Finally, make sure your tires are in excellent repair. The last thing you want is to discover they are too bald to maintain traction on wet roads. An easy way to check the treads is to insert a quarter into each tire groove upside down. If you can see above George Washington’s head, your tread is too worn. Alternately, drop by a local tire shop and have them inspect your tires. Make sure you have your tires rotated every six months and check inflation with a pressure gauge monthly.

Your Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

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