Keep A Lookout For A Hidden Brain Injury After A Crash

Many car accident victims in California are so relieved when they suffer no broken bones and see no open wounds or gushing blood that they refuse a trip to the hospital. This might be a mistake because the force of any collision can cause the brain to smash into the inside walls of the skull as the head is jostled back and forth. It can cause an invisible brain injury such as bruising or even bleeding on the brain.

However, some symptoms could indicate a brain injury, and noticing any of them should be mentioned to a doctor. In the aftermath of a crash, any headaches or unfamiliar moodiness, spontaneous emotional outbursts or unexplained anxiety can indicate brain damage. Mental fogginess, inability to focus, slowed reactions, and sensitivity to sound and light are further red flags.

Different aspects of car accidents can harm the brain, many of which do not involve penetration of the skull. Long-term consequences of undiagnosed and untreated brain injuries can affect not only the victim’s health but also his or her career, relationships and quality of life. The financial impact could also be substantial.

If the negligence of another party caused the accident that gave rise to the brain injury, the victim might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the California civil justice system. It might seem a daunting task under the circumstances, but help is available. An experienced personal injury attorney can assess the viability of a civil lawsuit, and then handle the ensuing legalities in pursuit of a monetary judgment to cover financial and emotional damages.