Electronic Suspension Helps Rider Safety

New electronic suspension for motorcycles has become the norm. Although some old fashioned riders feel as though the essence of riding a bike may be compromised with these systems, they actually help the rider to stay safe. Automatic operating systems in motorcycles are adding safety features, but can also add a false sense of security. Be sure to be aware of the bike and how it functions, as well as the surroundings during the ride for maximum safety.

Electronic suspension makes riding a bike smoother and safer.

The electronic suspension makes the ride smoother for the rider and passengers. It will lessen the bumps in the road, and make the ride more enjoyable. The electronic part of the suspension kicks in when needed. It keeps the riders safe by absorbing the impact of the road, and by allowing the bike to handle the road more precisely.

Be wary of the false sense of security these automatic systems may have.

These systems are still being developed and could make a serious mistake. Just because the electronic suspension will intervene when needed does not mean the rider is completely safe. Motorcycle riders should always be wary of the way the bike performs, and should not rely solely on the new automatic systems.

“While it’s nice to have a system designed to prevent overly aggressive inputs from putting you on your head, remember that modern electronics do not make you immune to the consequences of bad decisions, nor do they negate the need for proficient braking and throttle skills” (https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/electronics-guise/).

If you have been injured…

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