Why Is Riding a Motorcycle On Wet Roads So Dangerous?

If you thought that learning to drive a car was difficult, then mastering riding a motorcycle can be even harder. That’s one reason why you see so few motorcycles out on the road during inclement weather. Riding a motorcycle is most dangerous when there’s rain on the roads.

Fortunately, here in Los Angeles, we get very few rainy days. However, they do occur, and motorcyclists must learn how to maintain control even in a rainstorm.

If you need to venture outside on your motorcycle and you happen to be caught in a downpour, you may want to adjust your speed when navigating puddles. If you don’t, you could lose traction or control of your motorcycle. If you maintain a buffer around you, then you’ll give yourself additional time to try to avoid a crash.

It can also be helpful to spray your visor with a product such as Rain-X before taking off on your motorcycle in the rain. It will help keep it clear so that you’re better able to see other motorists and road hazards.

Motorcyclists can also minimize their risk of becoming involved in a crash by maintaining an adequate air pressure in their tires. It’s important that they keep in mind that tire performance varies depending on how wet the road is and what the temperature it is as well.

Bikers who aggressively jerk their handlebars ahead of an impending crash run the risk of having their brakes lock up, something that can cause the motorcycle to sputter in a horizontal pattern.

While motorcycle accidents can be serious no matter what the weather is like, those crashes that occur at high speeds on the freeway or on wet roads are the ones most apt to leave someone permanently injured or dead. A Los Angeles motorcycle accidents attorney can advise you of your right to recover compensation for current and future medical bills that you’ve suffered as a result of such a crash.