Tips for Choosing a Bike Helmet That May Save Your Life

The impact that the use of a helmet can have on protecting an individual from injuries or death has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. This is especially the case as researchers have learned more about the lasting impact that concussions can have on an individual’s life.

One sports medical specialist, who was consulted about the importance of wearing helmets, pointed out that an individual’s head doesn’t have to make contact with anything to leave someone with a concussion. In fact, an individual may be left with one simply by having their head or torso aggressively jolted. Thus, something as simple as a whiplash can cause enough of a force that you’ll be left with a concussion.

He also contends that using a helmet doesn’t completely eliminate your risk of suffering a concussion, but it can help minimize both rotational and linear forces. This will reduce how much your brain is shaken up.

The medical specialist notes that the more padding a helmet has, the more protection it will offer. He said that people shouldn’t assume that a more expensive helmet protects the wearer any more than a cheaper one does, though.

When shopping for a helmet, he recommends that you make sure it fits snugly. You should also purchase one that’s been ranked highly by researchers that have actually tested them. Virginia Tech publishes such safety data.

While it’s not essential for you to replace a bike helmet every year, you’ll definitely want to if its padding looks to be deteriorating, if it makes contact with an object or hits the ground.

Wearing a bike helmet can go a long way in protecting you from injuries or death while you’re out on the road. It’s important to employ certain defensive biking techniques to help you prevent these as well. As cautious as you may be in riding your bike, you can’t expect the same from motorists around you. If you’ve been hurt, then a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney can advise you on what type of compensation you may be entitled to receive.