When Should I Be Treated at the Hospital After a Bike Crash?

Right after you’re involved in a crash, the adrenaline coursing through your veins can prevent you from knowing whether you’ve been seriously hurt. While you may think that your injuries aren’t severe enough to need an ambulance summoned, it’s always good to get checked out by a doctor after a crash. It’s also important that you go to your nearest emergency room right away if you start experiencing certain symptoms.

If you have an open wound on your leg, you’ll want to have a doctor clean it thoroughly and stich it up to reduce your chance of developing an infection.

Any pain that you feel in your arms and legs shouldn’t be ignored. If you experience any difficulty in moving your limbs or bearing weight, this could be a sign of a fracture. If you see a doctor, then they’ll likely want to take an X-ray to see confirm the diagnosis.

If you experience dizziness, confusion, nausea or vomit after being struck, that could indicate these could indicate that you suffered a head injury.

One of the most common types of head injuries is a concussion. You shouldn’t engage in self-diagnosis, though. Instead, you should let your doctor conduct diagnostic tests to tell you definitively what’s going on.

This is particularly important if you experience these symptoms and happen to pass out in the aftermath of your crash. Collectively these symptoms may indicate that you have a brain bleed or other more serious damage.

Some of the most serious bike injuries such as head ones, broken bones and paralysis can require surgeries or the use of cutting edge technology to treat them. A Los Angeles bicycle accidents attorney can help you recover the necessary compensation that will allow you to continue receiving first-rate medical care for your condition.