How Do You Know If You Have a Brain Injury?

The unfortunate truth is that many motorcycle accidents in California do lead to injuries that need to be addressed by medical professionals. Even if you just suspect you might be injured, it might be a good idea to contact someone who understands the forces involved in motor vehicle collisions.

One of the more common types of problems is traumatic brain injury. These take many forms, and you would need a professional diagnosis to know whether you have one. Please read on for some more information about this condition.

TBI is a somewhat unique condition in that it could potentially escape notice for a period of time. “Traumatic” is a medical term in this case — it does not indicate the severity or the symptoms of the injury.

As explained by the Mayo Clinic, there are a variety of possible symptoms of TBI. There are also various causes. In the case of motorcycle accidents, these injuries are frequently the result of hard knocks to the head or quick jolts from violent stops.

The Mayo Clinic resource also explains that symptoms may take up to a week to manifest. However, it would probably be in your best interest to seek medical attention promptly if you were in a situation that could have caused a TBI. This will allow care providers to establish a baseline from which they can then track the progress of your injury, if it exists. From a legal perspective, the documentation provided by the official caregivers could also provide support for your position if you come into conflict with those responsible for your injuries.

In many cases, you could receive compensation for your injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident. However, every situation is different. Please do not use this article as legal advice. It is only meant to serve as background.