multiple vehicle car accident

How To Determine Fault In California Multi Vehicle Collisions

Motor vehicle accidents are never easy, especially when the accident involves more than two drivers. Nonetheless, determining who is at fault in a multi car collision is vital to receiving compensation for injuries, damages and losses. However, proving who caused a multi-vehicle accident can be difficult. Thus, it is very important to find a competent attorney who is at experienced in researching and litigating these types of situations.

Many Types of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

There are several types of multi vehicle collisions. Perhaps the most common is the multi-vehicle rear end incident. This often occurs during heavier traffic, when one vehicle rear ends the vehicle in front of them, and that impact causes the vehicle hit to impact the vehicle in front, and so forth.

Another type of multi-vehicle collision occurs with large trucks. Large trucks often travel on interstates and highways and due to their size, can cause other vehicles to spin out of control or cause the driver to lose control faster or worse than an average-size vehicle may.

Head on collisions also can involve multi vehicles.  Due to the force involved, this can cause the first two vehicles involved to spin out in unpredictable directions and collide with other cars.

Don’t Face A Multi-Vehicle Accident Alone

Major and even minor traffic accidents can turn into a multi-vehicle accident. The determination of fault is based on a lot of factors, all unique to each individual accident. It’s also often the case that both parties bear varying degrees of fault. If you have been involved in an accident with more than two parties, it is critical you contact an injury attorney as soon as possible before the critical accident details fade from everyone’s mind. An experienced attorney can determine who is at fault and in cases where it is not clear, an attorney can hire the proper expert to help determine causation with more precision. California follows comparative negligence laws, meaning, your compensation for the accident may be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you for the collision. Our law firm has helped victims of every kind of multi-vehicle accident determine fault and seek fair compensation. Contact our offices for a completely free consultation to assist you in any questions you may have.