pedestrian walking across the street

Pedestrian Accidents And The Importance Of Un Insured Under Insured Motorist Coverage

The importance of uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage extends far beyond car collisions. A pedestrian who is injured by an under-insured or uninsured motorist can also collect insurance coverage and money needed for physical and financial recovery. If they have adequate auto insurance, including uninsured and under insured motorist coverage the possibility of receiving compensation to cover injuries and losses.

Cover Yourself From Mayhem

Victims of a pedestrian accident where the at-fault driver has little or no insurance, can be left in a very bad situation. Hence the importance and necessity of having their own insurance for situations like this. Although most never even contemplate it, people can hit at the most unexpected times, walking to their car, walking to lunch, etc. Sadly, statistics show that most drivers in California carry minimum and/or inadequate auto insurance. Thus, at Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation our firm always tells clients to protect themselves with uninsured/under-insured coverage.

Your Insurance Coverage Helps

As discussed in previous articles, UM/UIM coverage is an additional insurance coverage which should be added to your auto policy. In situations where you are personally injured by a person that lacks adequate or any insurance, your insurance company can and is required to step in as if it were the insurer of the person who caused you harm and can compensate you for that wrongdoing. Again, this may not seem like an issue now but you do not want to find yourself in a situation where you are injured and are left with few or no options for recovery. Contact our Los Angeles injury lawyers today for a free consultation regarding you or your loved ones accident.