Two-lane highway in the desert during the day

This Is What Makes Highway 99 So Dangerous

If you're a driver in California, there's a good chance you've taken Highway 99 at some point. This road is one of the most important in the state, connecting major cities like Los Angeles and Sacramento.

However, it's also one of the most dangerous roads in the country. SR-99 ranks number 11 on the list of most dangerous roads, with a death rate of 2.02 per mile. Let's take a closer look at why this road is so deadly and what can be done to make it safer for drivers.

The Dangers of Highway 99

One potential reason for the high death rate on Highway 99 is the fact that it is a two-lane road. This means that there's less room for error and more opportunities for head-on collisions. Head-on collisions can occur as a result of frustrated drivers attempting to pass slower drivers ahead of them unsafely, or they can happen when a driver loses focus on the road and veers into the opposite side of traffic.

Another problem is that the road is frequently congested, leading drivers to make careless mistakes. Traffic congestion often causes road rage, which can also lead to drivers making mistakes they might not otherwise make.

Finally, there are many blind curves and sharp turns on Highway 99, which can be dangerous for even experienced drivers. Maneuvering around the curves and turns can be even more challenging when it is dark outside, making nighttime driving particularly dangerous on this road.

Safety Improvements to Highway 99

So what can be done to make Highway 99 safer? One solution would be to add more lanes, which would give drivers more room to maneuver and avoid accidents. While this may be a reasonable short-term fix, adding more lanes does not typically solve traffic congestion issues for very long.

Another idea would be to install guardrails along the most dangerous sections of the road. This could help prevent drivers from running off the road if something should go wrong.

Finally, more effective signage could warn drivers of upcoming hazards so they may slow down in time. Adding lights to the signs and increasing the size of existing signage would help drivers better prepare for upcoming road changes.

If you're a driver in California, it's important to be aware of the dangers of Highway 99. Taking precautions and driving carefully can help make this road a little safer for everyone.

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