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Why Driving Below the Speed Limit is Unsafe

We've all been there. You're driving down the highway, minding your own business, when you see a driver in the lane next to you going significantly slower than the speed limit. Maybe you even get frustrated when this happens.

But did you know that driving below the speed limit can be just as dangerous as speeding? This blog post will discuss some of the dangers of driving too slowly on the highway and why it's important to obey the speed limit.

Driving Too Slow Is Dangerous

One of the dangers of driving too slowly is that it can cause other road users to get frustrated. When you're driving below the speed limit, you're not only slowing yourself down but also slowing down everyone else around you. This can easily lead to road rage, which can quickly escalate into an accident.

Another danger of driving too slowly is that it makes it difficult for other drivers to pass you. If someone is trying to pass you and they can't do so safely, they may end up cutting off another driver or making an unsafe lane change. This could easily cause an accident as well.

The Left Lane Is Reserved for Passing

You may or may not be aware, but the left lane on the highways in California is typically reserved for passing other vehicles. You should not be driving in the left lane if you are not actively passing a vehicle. You could be fined if caught driving in the left lane without passing.

If everyone obeyed this law, it would help prevent accidents because there would be no need for other drivers to attempt to pass slower vehicles in the left lane.

It Is Important to Be Observant

Of course, you should always pay close attention to the road and the vehicles around you while you are driving. This is particularly important while driving in the left lane.

If you fail to notice a trail of cars behind you because you and another car to your right have created a wall through which no other cars can pass, this can easily lead to accidents. In these types of situations, drivers behind the slow vehicles often get frustrated and engage in road rage behaviors in an attempt to pass.

Remember, it is important to keep up with the flow of traffic at all times, and if you must drive slower, be sure to do so in a lane toward the right of the highway.

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