Los Angeles Car Accident Case Review

The following is a review of an actual case that attorney Scott J. Corwin settled on behalf of an injured Los Angeles driver.*

A Head-on Collision and Its Uncertain Aftermath

A 61-year-old driver, Steven C., was traveling north on Benedict Canyon one February day. Driving in the opposite direction was Bradley F. The two vehicles wound up colliding head-on, resulting in both drivers having to be taken to UCLA Trauma Center for their injuries.

Steven could not recall exactly how the accident occurred, likely due to the head injury he sustained in the crash. He could not remember anything that happened even during the period before the accident occurred.

There weren’t any eyewitnesses, at least none who came forward. The only person stating he could clearly recall what happened was Bradley, who claimed Steven drove across the double-yellow line dividing the road. Bradley and his insurer thus refused to accept liability for Steven’s medical bills.

Things were looking bleak for Steven, who had suffered significant injuries that included a fractured tibia and fibula that required immediate surgery. He also sustained fractures of his humerus, left shoulder, and ankle. The latter two injuries were determined to be so severe that he would likely require a total shoulder replacement and ankle fusion surgery in the future. Needless to say, Steven was facing an uncertain future of extremely expensive medical bills and possibly permanent limitations on his mobility.

A Knowledgeable Attorney Makes All the Difference

Steven retained attorney Scott J. Corwin, who had the knowledge and experience to know how to determine fault even in a case of ‘he said/he said’ like the one at hand. Scott brought in an accident reconstructionist, who examined both vehicles and the accident scene itself, to determine who was truly at fault.

The reconstructionist was able to determine that the point of impact occurred six feet into Steven’s lane… meaning it was Bradley’s vehicle that had crossed the median line to strike Steven head-on and not the opposite as Bradley claimed. As a result, Bradley and his insurer settled for $1,250,000 to cover Steven’s current and future medical bills.

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*Disclaimer: Every case is individual. Past performance on one case is no guarantee of the same or similar results on another.

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