Southern California Winter Driving Safety Tips Part 1 Equipment

Fortunately, living in sunny southern California allows many of us to drive in pristine conditions year-round. Unfortunately, this means the vast majority of Los Angeles drivers are woefully under-prepared to drive in snowy or icy conditions. Many drivers fail to modify their driving habits to account for the slippery and unpredictable nature of winter driving, causing avoidable accidents and endangering everyone. Whether driving on the roads of Big Bear or Mammoth Lakes on your winter vacation, you need to be prepared to combat adverse road conditions as well as unprepared drivers. 

Proper Equipment

When you prepare for your winter getaway, there are three additional pieces of winter equipment you will need to give you the safest driving experience possible. You will need an ice scraper, snow shovel and a set of compatible chains to go with your tires. Properly fitted and attached chains give you additional traction on icy roads. While there are a variety of different ice road chains, it is your responsibility to know how to properly equip your chains. If Highway Patrol requires chains to continue along the road, you need to have the proper chains.

Ice scrapers are essential for giving yourself full visibility of the road. While many gas stations and convenient stores sell ice scrapers, you may need one in pinch. Including an ice scrapper in your winter packing list to give yourself the best snow driving experience. Snow shovels are important tool to clear snow and debris from your tires. A decent snow shovel can get you and anyone else around you out of a tricky situation when snow falls a little heavier than expected.