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Why You Need An Auto Accident Attorney

No matter how responsible a driver you are, you risk being injured in a car accident every time you get behind the wheel. That’s because there are other drivers out on the roads who are reckless, careless or negligent. So, while driving defensively reduces some risk of injuries, it isn’t enough to guarantee your safety. If the worst-case scenario becomes reality and you or a loved one suffers injuries in an automobile accident, you should be as prepared as possible to deal with the aftermath. A significant step you can take is knowing in advance how to find the best available car accident lawyer to represent you.

What really happens after a car accident

Following an automobile accident resulting in injuries and property damage, you might think you know how everything will proceed, especially if you are confident another vehicle’s driver is at fault. These incorrect assumptions could be detrimental, costing you the compensation you were depending on to recover physically and mitigate your losses. Some common misconceptions include the following:

  • The insurance companies will take care of everything
  • Because the other driver caused the accident, you will be completely compensated for your injuries and losses
  • It will be easier dealing with the aftermath of an accident without involving lawyers
  • Even if you do wind up needing an attorney, you can do a quick search online and choose whoever comes up

The truth is much more complicated that you might think. For one thing, automobile insurance agencies are businesses, and as such are always looking for ways to reduce their payouts to injured drivers. For another, California auto accident law is based on comparative negligence, which in plain English means you could be held responsible to varying degrees for your injuries even if you didn’t cause the accident itself (e.g., if you weren’t wearing a seatbelt when you were struck by another driver).

Without a lawyer to provide guidance, you will have to figure out how to secure coverage for your medical bills, loss of wages, property loss, and other accident-related claims without the benefit of knowing all your legal rights. However, just picking any attorney off the internet won’t do. You need a lawyer who specializes in automobile accidents in or close to the area where yours occurred. The best car accident lawyer is the one who specializes in motor vehicle cases, and knows the best ways to pursue car, truck and motorcycle accident claims. Local attorneys will also have valuable prior experience working with the judges, prosecutors, and other court personnel who will play vital roles in handling your case.

Contact a Los Angeles auto accident attorney today

Don’t depend on assumptions following a car accident even if you think it is clear you weren’t at fault. You need the most experienced car accident lawyer available to ensure that your case proceeds smoothly and you receive the highest possible compensation for your losses and injuries. Schedule an appointment with longstanding Los Angeles Attorney Scott J. Corwin today at (310) 683-2300 or contact our office to discuss your legal options.