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3 Reasons to Avoid Posting About Your Car Crash on Social Media

Most of us use social media frequently—many of us on a daily basis. While social media has become an integral part of our lives, certain things should not be shared, such as the details of a car accident.

It may be tempting to reach out to friends and family on social media and share your side of the story but doing so can be detrimental to your claim for several reasons.

Even if you only file a claim for property damage, it is in your best interest to avoid posting anything about the collision on social media. Here are three reasons why:

#1 - Even if your profile is set to private, your posts have the potential to go public.

It is possible for insurance adjusters or other people with the potential to affect your claim to obtain the information you have posted privately on social media. You should only provide the insurance company with the information they absolutely need and not share it anywhere else.

The last thing you want to do is inadvertently provide the insurance company with evidence against you that can ultimately hurt your claim. Even seemingly innocuous details of the crash can hold significant weight later, so it is wise to avoid posting anything about the accident at all.

#2 - Posting, as usual, may be a big red flag.

If you continue to make social media posts that portray your life as happy and blissful, the insurance company may use this against you and state that you are not experiencing the level of pain and emotional trauma you say you are.

While you don’t want to post about your accident or any of its details, it may be helpful to tone down what you would normally post on social media to avoid sending up any red flags.

This doesn’t mean you have to start making posts about depression and feeling sad but be sure to use good judgment about what you post and perhaps don’t say things like, “life is the best it has ever been.”

#3 - Social media disrupts the case’s confidentiality.

Sharing information on social media makes it part of the public domain, which can eliminate any confidentiality protections you may have, including those with your attorney. Collision cases typically involve vulnerable medical and financial information, which is why it is best to refrain from posting anything about your case at all.

Again, you don’t want to give the insurance company any ammo against you, so the less information you put out about the crash, the better the outcome of your case will likely be.

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