Silver compact car with smashed passenger's side after a car accident

Should I Follow a Driver who Hit My Car and Ran?

A hit-and-run car crash can be a significantly frightening and painful experience. Even though leaving prematurely after a car accident is a serious offense in the state of California, unfortunately not everyone stops or stays at the scene of an accident as is legally required. Leaving the crash scene is not worth the risk since a hit-and-run offense can result in imprisonment, a fine, or both.

Read on to learn what to do if you’re involved in a hit-and-run collision.

Do Not Follow a Driver Who Hits You and Runs

If you are involved in a hit-and-run collision, the best thing to do is to pull over and call the police. While it may be tempting, do not try to follow the other driver, as this can be very dangerous and worsen an already bad situation. Trying to chase someone who has just caused an accident could lead to reckless driving behaviors and an even worse accident. Let the police handle it – they have experience dealing with these situations.

It is not always possible, but try to take note of the identifiable features of the vehicle that hit you. It may even be helpful to snap a quick photo or video of the car if you are able. However, if you cannot access your phone or record footage, taking a mental picture and making a note of identifying details later is also very helpful.

Some of the information that can help the authorities find a driver following a hit-and-run collision include the following:

  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Color of the vehicle
  • License plate number and state of registration
  • Decals
  • Dents or other existing damages
  • Missing headlights and/or taillights
  • Other identifiable features of the vehicle (e.g., a prominent spoiler)

Seek Immediate Medical Care

Injuries from a hit-and-run collision are common, even when victims don’t immediately feel pain. The shock of a car crash can be powerful enough to block the pain receptors in your brain, which can make you unable to recognize the full extent of the injuries you’ve endured in the crash.

For this reason, it is critical to seek medical care immediately after a hit-and-run collision. Just because you don’t feel injured does not mean you have not sustained any physical harm in the crash, not to mention mental or emotional trauma.

We Can Help Injured Hit-and-Run Crash Victims

If you’ve sustained injuries in a hit-and-run collision, you may still be able to recover compensation for your losses. You don’t deserve to suffer because of another’s negligence.

Our team has helped many others in similar situations, and we will do everything in our power to help with your case too. Don’t delay—reach out to our skilled team of personal injury law professionals right away to discuss the details of your case and go over your legal options. We are ready and willing to help you now.

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