Suing a Friend Responsible for Your Car Accident Injuries

We cannot think of much more awkward scenario than filing a lawsuit against a friend—or even worse, a family member. However, if you suffer injuries and other losses due to a car accident and someone you care about was found responsible, you might not have a choice. After all, you need to make sure you can afford your medical bills, recoup lost income, and collect for all the losses and damages resulting from the crash.

There is something very important to keep in mind though: you are not going to ask to be paid directly out of your friend or family member’s pocket (except in unusual and very specific circumstances). What you are actually doing is seeking compensation from their insurance agency.

Explaining the Claims Process to Friends or Family

Under what circumstances might you have to make claims for financial compensation against a personal friend or family member? The most common is if you were a passenger in their car when it crashed. Maybe they were fiddling with the radio, looking at their phone for directions, or even turned their head to chat while you were in the back seat. Or perhaps they just made a mistake driving and either crashed into a stationary object or other vehicle. Whatever the circumstances, if they were responsible for the accident and you were injured as a result, then they are responsible for helping you recover from a financial perspective (at the very least). And, quite frankly, someone who cares about you should want to help you in any way possible, especially if they know your pain and suffering is their fault, albeit unintentionally.

Your best course of action is to be honest and clear with your friend or loved one. Explain that because they caused the accident, according to the police report and other evidence, you have no choice but to pursue compensation—not from their personal finances, but from their insurer. Make it clear that you have spoken to your automobile accident lawyer, who explained this is the only option for covering losses due to your injuries, and that this action is dictated by California civil law and not a personal grudge.

Get Advice from a Car Accident Attorney Right Away

We understand that you don’t want to ruin a relationship with a dear friend or beloved family member in the wake of a car accident. But, by the same token, you should not have to suffer financially as well as physically and mentally without due compensation for someone’s negligent actions, no matter who they are. Fortunately, you can seek compensation from insurance companies and not directly from individuals, so that relationships need not suffer while you still receive justice. Call Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, for guidance in preparing a case that will cover your losses and damages.

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