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Brain Injuries | Scott J. Corwin

Video Transcript

[Beginning of Brain Injuries audio] [GRAPHIC: SJC LAW, Scott J Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, Personal Injury Attorneys] Scott J. Corwin: All traumatic brain injuries are serious. And even if, to the outward observer, you seem normal, if you’ve sustained a moderate brain injury you could have significant and severe long term lasting effects. [GRAPHIC: Brain scan images.] These can essentially be broken down into three main categories, how the brain injury affects your activities of daily living, or ADLs, how the injury affects your employment, and how it can affect your personal relationships. The more severe the traumatic brain injury, the more severe the impairment on these three categories of activities. [GRAPHIC: Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Avvo Rating, 10, Superb, Top Attorney, Super Lawyers, The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers] At the law offices of Scott J. Corwin, we have over 20 years in handling traumatic brain injury cases. We have the experience and the expertise to handle these types of complicated matters. [GRAPHIC: The National Brain Injury Trial Lawyers Association] I’m a member of the National Brain Injury Trial Lawyers Association, and the National Brain Injury Association of America. [GRAPHIC: Brain Injury Association of America] I stay current in these organizations in order to have the most up to date legal and medical knowledge in this field. [GRAPHIC: More than 20 Years Experience, Over $70,000,000 Recovered, Helping more than 2,000 Clients] The medical experts that we work with provide not only initial diagnosis and care, but they also provide testing in order to determine what the long term affects of the traumatic brain are on the injured victim. [GRAPHIC: $3,400,000, Settlement, Traumatic Brain Injury] Once we have this information we work with life care planners. [GRAPHIC: $2,100,000, Settlement, Traumatic Brain Injury] Their job is to synthesize all of the information from the doctors, the diagnosis, the testing, the long term affects, and put together a plan that shows what my client’s need for the rest of their lives. [GRAPHIC: $1,000,000, Settlement, Moderate Brain Injury] [GRAPHIC: $780,000, Settlement, Mild Brain Injury] And they put a dollar value on it. They quantify it so that we can present this as evidence in their case, and get them the damages and compensation that they deserve. [GRAPHIC: SJC LAW, Scott J Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation] Brain injuries, whether moderate or severe, can be life altering events. You need to hire the best attorney possible to get you the compensation that you and your loved ones need to help provide for the care that you’re going require for the rest of your life. [GRAPHIC: SJC LAW, Scott J Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, Personal Injury Attorneys] [End of Brain Injuries audio]