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When Other Motorists Fail To Yield To Motorcycles

Many motorcyclists approach intersections with a sense of fear and dread. At any time, a motorist may make a left turn in front of you, and there may be nothing you can do to avoid a devastating collision.

At the law firm of Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, we have the experience to hold careless drivers, and their insurance companies, fully accountable when they fail to yield to motorcycles at intersections.

Left Turns At Intersections

Even on foot, you can see the broken glass and chrome left on the street when motorcycles collide with other vehicles at intersections, and entrances to parking lots and driveways. When the cause of the accident is carelessness by the other driver, you are entitled to compensation.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys represent bikers injured as a result of motorists failing to yield the right of way when making a left turn in front of motorcycle riders. We also represent family members of fatal motorcycle accident victims.

A high percentage of serious motorcycle injuries happen in left-turn situations at intersections. What do the other drivers always say? “I didn’t see him coming.” But believe this — they will see Scott Corwin when he fights for your rights to maximum compensation. Call 800-946-9440 now for a FREE CONSULTATION

Left-Turn Accident Injuries in the Los Angeles Area

As long as you had the green light (or the right of way in an unmarked intersection), the person making a left turn in front of you is at fault. Unfortunately, motorists often try to shift blame to motorcyclists even in cases where the fault is clear. For example, the person in the car may claim that you were driving recklessly.

In California, your recovery from a personal injury lawsuit is reduced by any percentage of liability that is assigned to you. For example, if the insurance company claims that you were 25 percent at fault; your recovery can be reduced by 25 percent.

To protect your right to full compensation, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. Attorney Scott J. Corwin is a distinguished member of the Motorcycle Injury Trial Lawyers Association (MITLA).

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